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favorite bath & body products

I LOVE making homemade products, but let's face it. There are some things I just can't make, don't want to, or haven't gotten around to making yet. I'm a busy mom with young kids! So here are some of my favorite store-bought products that I currently use. I chose these products carefully after spending way too much time comparing ingredient lists at my local health food stores. The store employees thought I was a weirdo.

Everyday Shea Shampoo & Body Wash
for Babies & Up
This shampoo/body wash contains the most natural ingredient list I could find. It's so simple and it contains a very gentle surfactant. It smells like lavender, which isn't my favorite scent, but I can live with it. I have dandruff so I haven't used it on my hair, but I shampoo my kids' hair with it and my husband uses it. I use it as a body wash and to shave my legs. That way I don't have to buy another product (shaving cream) to clutter my shower. I buy it from my health food store or Amazon, depending on which price is better at the time.

Andalou Naturals
I don't use conditioner every day because my hair is so fine and it's usually not dry. But when I need it, this is the conditioner I use. (I just noticed my picture is shampoo, not conditioner. Oops!) I really love the Sunflower & Citrus scented conditioner. It smells great, it doesn't weigh my hair down, and the ingredient list looks more natural than others I compared it to. You should be able to find it at your health food store or Amazon.

It's expensive, but I don't mind paying extra for a safe sunscreen. It takes more effort to blend in to get rid of the white hue, but I don't mind. It's whiter than regular sunscreens because it uses zinc oxide (a mineral) instead of toxic chemicals like oxybenzone. I buy this sunscreen from my health food store or Amazon. For more safe sunscreen options, check out Environmental Working Group's Sunscreen Guide.

Desert Essence Organics
Hand & Body Lotion
Usually I use coconut oil for lotion, but sometimes I don't have patience to let it soak in so that it's not greasy. And my husband refuses to slather coconut oil on his body so I need a lotion to have on hand. My favorite scent is spicy vanilla chai, but I've also liked the other scents I've tried. I can find this lotion at my health food store or Amazon.

Tom's of Maine
Children's Fluoride-Free Toothpaste
My kids still swallow their toothpaste. They haven't gotten the hang of rinsing and spitting yet. I'm not going to let them swallow fluoride every night and morning AND drink it in the water supply. I don't want them to get dental fluorosis. So that's why I chose a fluoride-free toothpaste. You should be able to find this children's toothpaste at a health food store or Amazon.

Desert Essence
Tea Tree Oil & Neem Toothpaste
Desert Essence toothpastes have a very simple, natural ingredient list so I went with that brand. Neem oil is very good for your teeth and tea tree oil is disinfecting. When I first started using this toothpaste, I noticed my teeth looked whiter although it doesn't advertise that it whitens. You should be able to find this toothpaste at a health food store or Amazon.

Zuzu, Mineral Fusion,
and Dr. Hauschka Make-Up
These are the brands of make-up my Sprouts and Whole Foods store sells. Dr. Hauschka's is more expensive so I usually go with Zuzu or Mineral Fusion. Mineral Fusion mascara was clumpy, so I prefer Zuzu mascara. I'm happy with the Zuzu eyeliner pencil. I chose Mineral Fusion eyeshadow because I like how it comes with three colors in one container. The only problem I've noticed with the Zuzu blush and Mineral Fusion eye shadow is, it breaks easily so be careful not to drop it (can you see my broken blush in the pic?). I really love Dr. Hauschka's liquid concealer pen. It goes on smoothly and blends in easily. I like the Mineral Fusion lip gloss, but wish it was shinier.

Has anyone tried 100% Pure Cosmetics? I'm dying to try their brand because their ingredients are a lot more natural and simple than even the "natural" make-up brands I'm currently using. I'd love to hear about your experience with it if you've tried it.

Burt's Bees
Beeswax Lip Balm
I usually use oil and shea butter on my lips, but sometimes I need something faster. I'm sure most people are familiar with this lip balm. You can find it almost anywhere (even Amazon), which makes me happy! I love the cool peppermint flavor and smooth texture.

Now it's your turn! What are your favorite natural products?


  1. I love Jane Iredale make-up. It is expensive, but it is elegant and gorgeous. Amazing products.

  2. I have bought some things from 100% Pure...might just be what I purchased, but they didn't have as much pigment as I would have liked. I do get my make up from elf now...they have a mineral line that is rated well on ewg's database....and they are super inexpensive.

    1. Thanks for your opinion on 100% Pure and the head's up about Elf make up!

  3. Earthpaste toothpaste is one of the only things I don't make on my own and I'm obsessed with it!

  4. - Nutiva coconut oil to cleanse my face using OCM method. I wear heavy makeup and waterproof mascara and it's excellent.
    - Thayer's alcohol-free witchhazel rose toner.
    - Shea Butter for my face.
    - President's choice macadamia nut oil, as a moisturizing oil on my face, it's in the elite grocery oil section and far cheaper than in natural food stores.
    - Alba body butter in kukui or coconut.
    - Green Beaver and Mrs Meyers hand soap.
    - Dr. Mist unscented spray deodorant: it is THE ONLY NATURAL deodorant that has worked for me, and I've tried them all.
    - Kiss My Face Triple Action toothpaste.
    - Pacifica lip balm...I think it's called lip quencher... It's a huge tube and nicely pigmented...Sugared Fig is perfect for my dark skin.
    - Burt's Bees lipbalms, my least favourite is the peppermint. My favourites are the honey, grapefruit and kukui (I think kukui) versions.

  5. I love these products. I have used some of them and those are great.

  6. Personal favorites are so helpful. This is even better than the Dr. Oz show!

  7. I adore the Burt's Bees Honey and Beeswax Lip Balm. A few years ago when my husband worked in the outdoors, his lips became dry and cracked. He put the lip balm on them and they healed overnight. It's the only lip balm I'll use, too. I like the peppermint okay, but my hubby said it burns his lips.

  8. I love Burts Bees Orange Essence facial cleanser, it smells amazing and works fantastically well.
    Also Naked Bee moisturizing sunscreen. Again, it smells amazing! I usually hate wearing sunscreens since they leave me feeling greasy and icky, but this one is the best I've found and I finally started using it more like as often as I should...

    When powder makeup breaks it's super easy to fix, just mix in a bit of rubbing alcohol and stir it around til you've got a paste, then let it dry overnight. I love finding broken makeup on super-clearance because I know how easy it is to make it good as new!

  9. You should check out the newer burt's bees lip gloss in tubes (the kind with wands) - they're mid price range (upper end drugstore, lower end organic) and they're nicely shiny. I've been a fan of the zuzu luxe lipgloss as well. Most my makeup is Everyday Minerals which I can only find online. I have one staple eyeshadow from Pür Minerals.

    And I recently bought some mineral eyeshadow and lipstick from ELF but be sure to read the ingredients, some of their mineral makeup is excellent, some of it has things like mineral oil and is not what I would consider natural.

    I should do a post sometimes soon with each of the products I use. I have wanted to try the 100% Pure makeup but haven't yet.


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