Sunday, August 21, 2011

Super Mario Birthday Party

My son celebrated his 5th birthday by having a Super Mario birthday party with his two best friends. I bought the Super Mario cups, napkins, and plates from a party supplies website. I found the star balloon on ebay. After I had the star balloon blown up with helium, I used a black sharpie to draw the eyes.

I made Super Mario Mini Mushroom cupcakes for the party. I frosted them with blue frosting and cut mini marshmallows in half for the spots. Then I used a black marker to draw eyes on the cupcake liner.

For the Super Mario party favor bags, I printed out Super Mario images from the internet and glued them to red and blue paper bags I bought at a party store. I filled each gift bag with Super Mario fruit snacks I found at the grocery store, Super Mario balloons that I got on ebay, a Super Star candy tin that I bought at a party store, and a Super Mario question block box that I made.

The kids played Super Mario themed games to earn gold coins to put in their Super Mario question block boxes. Click on the image below and then right click to download the image. Print it out on card stock to make your own question block boxes.

First the kids played Goomba Stomp. They walked in a circle around the Goombas while Mario music played. When the music stopped, they each stomped on a Goomba and then looked under the Goomba to see what number was written on the bowl. That's how many coins they won for that round.

To make this game I found a Goomba image online, printed out multiple copies, and glued them to the bottom of brown bowls I found at a party store.

They played Super Mario Bingo and won a coin every time they got five-in-a-row. I bought it on eBay for $5.

Next they played Yoshi Tongue Challenge. They each got a "Yoshi tongue" to knock down Pokey (the cactus creature from the Mario games). To make this game I found an image of Pokey the internet, printed it out, cut it up, and glued it to paper cups and stacked them. The Yoshi tongue is a party horn blower from a party store.

They also played Yoshi Egg Hunt and looked for Yoshi eggs hidden around the room. Each egg had coins inside it. The Yoshi eggs were just Easter eggs that I colored with polka dots. Then we ate pizza . . .

. . . and cupcakes.

His friends enjoyed helping him open his gifts.

And a Mario party wouldn't be complete without a little Super Mario video game time.

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  1. Love this party. My nearly 5 year old is trying to decide between mario. lego and disney cars for a theme!


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